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5 Best Temples and Piligrimage Places in Odisha

1) Lingaraj Temple- This 11th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, as Lingaraj is the culmination of Orissa style of     temple architecture.  The temple city in a walled compound is noted for its imposing 54 metres high spire, dominating the  skyline of the town. The main sanctum surrounded by about 150 subsidiarty shrines has a unique "Hari Hara lingam" half     shiva and half Vishnu. A large number of devotees visit the shrine, especially during annual shivaratri festival.

2) Parasuramesvera Temple(B.B.S.R.)- The shiva temple built around 650 A.D. in classical style is the city`s oldest surviving temple.  It is noted for the finely detailed bas-reliefs depicting elephant and horse processions and siva images.

3) Muketeswar Temple(B.B.S.R.) - The small 10th century shrine regarded as the "Gem of Orissan architectural     bridges the early and later phases of the kalinga school of architecture.

4) Taratarini Temple (Berhampur) -The hill-top temple of Taratarini, the twin Goddesses is noted for its immense     natural beauty.  The scenic beauty is further enhanced by the encircling river Rushikulya.  A large number of devotees visit     the shrine especially on every Tuesday, during the Hindu month of Chaitra.

5) Lord Jagannath Temple - The temple of Lord Jagannath was built during the 12th century A.D. by Chodagangadeva in the typical kalinga style of architecture.  The 65 metres high temple dominates the landscape visually as well as     spiritually and is one of the most magnificent monuments of India .  In front of the main gate stands a 16-sided monolithic pillar known as Aruna Stambha, which was brought here from sun temple, konark during the 18th century.  Other shrines     worth visiting in the temple precincts are devoted to Vimala, Vishnu and Lakshmi.  Ananda Bazar, the biggest food market in the world is another attraction.

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