5 Best Hill Stations in Odisha

1) Taptapani-(50kms from Berhampur)-The hot water springs amidst lush forests are worth visiting.  The hot water is   channelised to a pond nearby to facilitate confortable bathing.  It is conveniently accessible by bus.

2) Atri (Bhubaneswar)- It is well known for the hot sulphur water spring and the temple of Lord Hatakeswar.  The spring     water is said to possess carative properties..

3) Ratnagiri,Lalitgiri, Udayagiri- These three hills have ruins of a remarkable Buddhist complex.  Hieun-T`Sand, the  Chinese pilgrim found is to be the seat of a flourishing Bhuddhist University called `Puspagiri` Extensive ruins of brick  pagodas, sculptured stone portals and esoteric Buddhist images have been excavated from here.  Ratnagiri is 70 kms.,     Lalitgiri is 55  kms and Udayagiri is 60kms from Cuttack

4) Dhauli (8kms from B.B.S.R)-The historic site is located on the puri -Konark Highway, across Dhauli hill on the banks of  river Daya. The 3rd century B.C. Ashokan Rock Edits, on the foot of the hill indicate that the great `Kalinga War` was fought here.  The bloody was transformed emperor Ashoka, who renounced his blood thirsty campaign and embraced Buddhism.  A Buddhist peace Pagoda (Shanti stupa) was established on the opposite hill in  the early seventies by the Japan Buddha  sanga and kalinga Nippon Buddha sanga.

5) Brahmagiri- (25kms from Puri)- It is famous for the living shrine of Alarnath.

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