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1A.D.Mahavidyalaya, Brahamgiri1981-82+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralPermanent
2Balanga College, Balanga1989-90+3 Arts,

3Dayavihar College, Kanas1990-91+3 Arts,

4Govt. Womens’ College (W), Puri1961-62+3 Arts, Govt.UrbanPermanent
5 Gadibrahma College, Delanga1992-93+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralPermanent
6Gop College, Gop, Puri1981-82+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralPermanent
7HDV Sc. College, Panasapada1990-91+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
8Konark Bhagabati Mahavidyalaya, Konark1982-83+3 Arts, Pvt.UrbanTemporary
9Kanas College, Kanas1990-91+3 Arts,

10 Mangala Mahavidyalaya, Kakatpur1981-82+3 Arts, Sc.,Comm. Pvt.RuralPermanent
11 M.G.College of Edu. &Tech., Astaranga1990-91+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralPermanent
12 Nimapara College, Nimapara1963-64+3 Arts, Sc.,Comm.Pvt.UrbanPermanent
13Nigamananda Mahila Mahavidyalaya (W), Charichhak, Puri1989-90+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
14Netrananda Sahu Womens’ College (W), Kakatpur1992-93+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
15Pipili College, Pipili1981-82+3 Arts, Sc.Pvt.RuralPermanent
16Ratnapur Science Degree College, Ratnapur1991-92+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
17 S.C.S.College, Puri (Autonomous)1944-45

+3 Arts, Sc.,Comm. PG. Govt.UrbanPermanent
18Surajmal Saha College, Puri1980-81+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
19UGS Mahavidyalaya, Sakhigopal, 1977-78+3 Arts, Sc.,Comm Pvt.RuralPermanent
20Sastri Smruti Mahavidyalaya, Balipatna1994-95+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
21I.G.Womens’ College, Nimapara (W)1998-99+3 Arts, Pvt.UrbanTemporary
22Panchayat College of Education & Tech., Satapada1997-98+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
23Gopinath Dev Degree College, Pratappurusotampur1999-2000+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
24Konark Womens’ College (W), Sarada, Konark1999-2000+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
25Kalyanpur College, Kalyanpur1999-2000+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
26M.G.Memorial College of Edu. & Tech., Pubasasan, Kausalyaganga1999-2000+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
27Chaudamauza Bidyul Mahavidyalaya, Chaudamauza1999-2000+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
28Astaranga College, Astaranga2000-2001+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
29 Brahmeswar Mahavidyalaya , Dharmakirty, puri2000-2001+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
30 R.D.Chilika Mahavidyalaya, Chilika, Nuapada, 1990-91+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralPermanent
31Kandakhai College of Science & Arts Kandakhai, Brajakote2006-07+3 Arts, Pvt.RuralTemporary
32Mangala Institute of Tech., Astarang2001-02BCAPvt.RuralTemporary
33Gopabandhu Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya, 1974-75BA, M.S, PG Govt.UrbanPermanent

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