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Gurudwara Cuttack

GURUDWARA CUTTACK ODISHAGurudwara Guru Nanak Dantan Saheb is situated at Kaliaboda on the southern bank of river Mahanadi built in memory of Guru Nank Devji. Guru Nanak visited Odisha during last part of 15th Century and stayed in the place where the present Gurudwara has been built. Guru Nanak preached truth,  love, universal brotherhood and upliftment of status of women in society.

 Guruji plucked up a 'Sahada' twig and took out a small piece fro brushing his teeth and planted the rest on the spot. In course of time it grew into a beautiful tree. This sacred place of Sikhs is called 'Gurudwara Guru Nanak Dantan Saheb". 


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