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City Bus 450 Gridco Chhaka To Jagannath Temple Route

DTS 450 City bus from Gridco Chhaka To Jagannath Temple Puri Route, starts at 7 A.M. from Gridco Chhak and  Jagannath Temple. The last city bus number 450 is at 8.30 P.M. from Jagannath Temple and Gridco Chhaka in the evening. 

Bus Number 450 Route Stopages 

The 450 city bus route includes Gridco Chhaka, Central School, Law College, C T Road, Youth Hostel, Sea Beach P.s. Town Hall, S.C.S College, Zilla School, Rly Station, Medical Sqr, Market Chhaka and Marchikot Square.

Download 450 Bus route map


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171 Bus Master Canteen To Puri Route

DTS 171 City bus from Master Canteen To Puri Route,  starts at 7 A.M. from  Master Canteen and Puri. The last city bus number 171 is at 7.30 P.M. in the evening from Puri. 
Bus Stoppages on 171 Route The 171 city bus route includes Kalpana Chhaka, Kedar Gauri Temple, Uttara, Pipili Nimapara chhaka, Danda Mukunda Pur, Sakhi gopala, Medical Chhaka and Puri.
Download 171 Bus route map

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