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+2 e-Admission Dateline 2013-14

(+2) e-Admission Dateline 2013-14
Sl#ActivitiesDate Line
01Availability of Online Common Application Form (CAF) in the H.E. Department website www.dhreorissa.in27-May-2013
02Availability of Offline Common Application Form (CAF) at nearest SAMS Resource Centre College [SRCs list available in]27-May-2013
03Last date for applying online though
(12:00 Midnight)
04Last date for applying Offline/Manual CAF12-Jun-2013
(05:00 PM)
05Last date of submission of Online applied CAF at any SAMS Resource Center (SRC)12-Jun-2013
(05:00 PM)
06Last date for Online CAF validation by SRCs in e-Space15-Jun-2013
(05:00 PM)
07Publication of First Selection List21-Jun-2013
(11:00 AM)
08Admission of First Selection Applicants26th to 29th Jun 2013
09First selection admission data updation in e-Space01-Jul-2013
(05:00 PM)
10Publication of Second Selection List05-Jul-2013
(11:00 AM)
11Admission of Second Selection Applicants08th to 9th Jul 2013
12Second selection admission data updation e-Space11-Jul-2013
(05:00 PM)
13Publication of ST/SC Extension Seat selection list15-Jul-2013
(11:00 AM)
14Admission of ST/SC Extension SeatFrom 16-Jul-2013 till Spot Admission
15Publication of list for admission to Balance Seat (Spot)16-Jul-2013
(11:00 AM)
16Last date for Registration for Balance Seat admission at Colleges18-Jul-2013
(02:00 PM)
17Publication of merit list for Balance Seat admission (College Notice Board)18-Jul-2013
(05:00 PM)
18Admission to Balance (Spot) Seat20-Jul-2013
19ST/SC Balance (Spot) Seat Admission data updation in e-Space20-Jul-2013
(05:00 PM)
20Classes start for (+2)1st year students22-Jul-2013
21Admission for the students passed in Supplementary / Instant ExaminationWithin 20 days from the date of results publication

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