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Summer Training Immt Bhubaneswar

Application for Project work /Summer Training etc. is opened throughout the year.No Fees would be charged for the Project work/ summer training, etc.Students should directly contact the Scientist/ Sr. Tech. Officer for their availability and willingness. He/ she should apply in the prescribed form duly approved by the parent Institution. In case student face difficulties, HRD would assist the student in identifying the supervisor.
  • The Institute would neither provide accommodation nor financial support.
  • For any HRD related information, candidates are requested to contact Dr. S.K. Singh, Chairman- HRD (Email:, Contact: 0674-237-9456) or Mr. S.K. Pandey, Convenor- HRD (Email: , Contact: 0674-237-9471) only. It is requested not to disturb Director.
  • Student's admission to the project work and their stay in the laboratory is restricted to duration of the project and will not be extended. Additional time if required has to be foreseen in advance and necessary request has to be made to HRD through the research supervisor for the extension of the project duration well in advance.
  • During their tenure of the project work, candidates have to follow strictly all the rules and regulations, timings of the laboratory. Strict compliance of safety rules by the students inside the laboratory is a must. The laboratory will not take any responsibility for the safety of the students beyond office hours.
  • The number of students admitted for the project work is based only on the requirement of R&D sections/Divisions.
  • CSIR-IMMT will have full intellectual property right on the work carried out by the student. However, if a paper is published out of the work, the student(s) name will be considered for the authorship depending up on his/her contribution.
  • University/College undertakes the responsibility for any misconduct by the student(s). Continuance of training of a student at CSIR-IMMT will be subject to his / her satisfactory conduct and performance. CSIR-IMMT will have a right to discontinue / terminate the training programme of any student at any stage without assigning any reason.
  • Thesis/dissertation title/cover page will have the title of the work, name of the university where it would be submitted, student's name, his/her registration number , name of CSIR-IMMT scientist as supervisor, Division/Department where the work is carried out at CSIR-IMMT and month and year of submission. This pattern has to be followed strictly by all the students irrespective of the guidelines stipulated for the same from the respective University/college. (Applicable for final project/thesis/ dissertation of M.Tech., M.Sc., B.Tech. etc. only)
  • Students are required to prepare their thesis in required number of copies and get all the certificates signed in original in all the copies from their Department /college and finally get them signed in original by the research guide at CSIR-IMMT. TWO copies of the thesis/dissertation have to be submitted to the Research Guide at CSIR-IMMT. (Applicable for final project/thesis/ dissertation of M.Tech., M.Sc., B.Tech. etc. only)
  • In all cases (short or long duration project work) soft copy of the Thesis/dissertation/project report etc. has to be submitted to HRD at CSIR-IMMT through the research guide.
  • Any violations on the above would be viewed seriously and non compliance by the candidates/colleges/University would result in total rejection of applications from the Department/college in future.

Contact Address 
 "Department Name", CSIR- IMMT
 P.O-RRL, Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar-751013. 

CSIR- IMMT Summer Training progrrame Application form click her

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