Similipal National Park Mayurbhanj Odisha

Similipal National Park Mayurbhanj Odisha enjoys the unique distinction of having a vast forest cover bristling with varied  flora  and  fauna, stretches of  lush  green  forest  served  with a  network of perennial streams and its  bracing  climate  contribute so much to make the district an ideal habitat for tropical birds and animals. 

Similipal National Park Mayurbhanj Odisha
SIMILIPAL NATIONAL PARK is the ideal habitat of animals like tiger, leopard, elephant, sambar, deer and birds. Added to it is the scenic beauty in extravaganza which keeps one amazed. A nature loving tourist can not but miss the majestic sal forests, cool, calm and expansive grassy lands, soaring peaks and the waterfalls of  streaming  pearls  which make Similipal  the " Dreamland of Nature".The Elephants, dense forest, rugged hilly terrain majestically roaming wild animal and unfathomable magnetic power of to attract the tourists to its lap combinedly make Similipal 'The Tourists' Paradise. Truly speaking, any sensitive nature loving tourist, who happen to come here once is so mesmerised by the roar of the Tiger, swaying gait of the elephant, chirping of various tropical birds, shining of tender foliages of luxuriously grown sal trees and other tropical forest trees and rustling of perennial streams, that, they unwillingly make a retreat to the world full of din and bustle. Apart from that Similipal is the richest watershed in Orissa, giving rise to many perennial rivers-The Budhabalanga, The khadkei, The West Deo, The East Deo, The Salandi and the Sanjo are the major ones. Gorgeous BAREHIPANI (400mt) and JORANDA (150mt) waterfalls do give every visitors a mute call to come there over and over again. At night when one is cozily settled in the rest house it is exciting as well as chilling to hear alarm calls-shrill notes of CHEETAL, belling of SAMBAR or barking of MUNTJAC, generally indicating the presence of large predator-the LEOPARD or TIGER in the vicinity
 Tiger, Leopard, Bison, Elephant, Spotted Deer, Bear, Ratel, Sambar, Mouse Deer, Otter, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Chowsingha, Ruddy Mongoose, Pangolin, Giant squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Hanuman, Langur, Rh. Macaque.

 Pea Fowl, Red jungle Fowl, Hornbill, Hill Myna, Grey wagtail, Alexandrine Parakeet, Serpent Eagle.

Python, king Cobra, Cobra, Viper, Banded Krait, Monitor lizard, Forest Calotes, Chameleon, Mugger Crocodile, Black Turtle, Tent Turtle.

General Information
Area in Sq. Km.: 
845 (core) 
1905 (Buffer) 
Total: 2750 
Latitude: 20deg17'-22deg34'N 
Longitude: 85deg40'-87deg10'E 
Rainfall: 2000mm 
Temp: Max.42degCelcious (May-June) 
Min: -3degC (Dec-Jan.) 
Highest Point: Khairburu (1165.6mt) 

Near by places of Interest
Ramtirtha, Deokund, Khiching, Panchalingeswar, Chandipur, Udaypur, Kuldiha Sanctuary.

Best time to Visit:  
The Sanctuary remains open to visitors tentatively from 1st November to 15th June.

Entry Permit issued from:  
Office of Asst. Conservator of Forest,
National Park, NH-6, Jashipur 
and  Office of Range Officer, Pithabata  
range, Pithabata Check gate Pithabata.

Entry points and permits
There are two entry points to Similipal. The visitors can obtain entry permits with usual fees either at Jashipur or Pithabata booking counter. For the day visitors the counter remains open from 6 A.M. to 12 Noon and visitors with reservation from 6 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Entry fee:
Indian                                                                     Rs.40/-
A group of 10 or more @ per person                     Rs.30/-
Foreigner                                                                Rs.1000/-
A group of 10 or more @ per person                     Rs.200/-

Student                                                                        50% of the above
A group of 10 or more student @ per student        Rs.10/-
Children below three years                                       Free
Physically handicapped                                             Free

Jeep/Car/LMV per day                                          Rs.100/-
HMV/2 Wheelers not allowed
Trekking/ nature trail per person/day
Indian: additional Rs.20/- per day
Foreigner: additional Rs.100/- per day

 Still Camera (Per camera fees) 

First three days Additional days
Amateur Indian:                                 Rs.20/- per day            Rs.10/- per day
Amateur Foreigner                            Rs.100/- per day            Rs.40/- per day
Professional Indian                            Rs.50/- per day        
Professional Foreigner                     Rs.400/- per day

Reservation and accommodation Similipal Tiger Reserve

Reservation counter at Jashipur will remain open from 10 AM to 2 PM on all the days. At Jashipur counter reservation shall be given maximum up to 10 days in advance subject to availability. For reservation through correspondence request should reach the O/o the Conservator of Forests and Field Director, Similipal Tiger Reserve, Baripada – 757002, Mayurbhanj, Orissa not more than 60 days and not less than 30 days before the propose date of occupation. Application for reservation accommodation must contain the name, sex, age, nationality (visa, passport with validity for overseas tourists) alongwith self addressed stamped Rs.5/- envelope. Accommodation beyond the three consecutive nights inside the Reserve is not permitted to any group or person. Accommodation facilities inside Similipal Sanctuary are managed by the Forest Department.

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