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2012 Parliamentary Debate competition At KIITS

The Parliamentary Debate competition will be held on date 5th October 2012 to 8th October 2012 at KIIT University Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The Parliamentary Debate competition is all set to bring to you the 3 on 3 Asian style debating. To understand the nuances of debating, a  workshop  will be conducted on 5th October 2012 led by the Adj. Core. The Parliamentary Debate competition is Organized by KIIT School of Law.

You can participate in the 1st KSOL PD 2012 as: 
Team: Composition of a team shall be 3 debaters +1 adjudicator (n+1) 
Cross Team: More than delighted to keep the competition open for cross teams
Independent Adjudicator: More than delighted to welcome independent adjudicators 
Log on to to  register  as  Team  /  Cross Team  / Independent Adjudicator 

1. Participation in the 1st KSOL Parliamentary Debate 2012 requires enrollment in any undergraduate or postgraduate programme in an academic institution 
2. Accommodation shall be provided only to those teams who register within 25th of September 2012 
3. Registration fee for the competition is ` 800 per person 

Nothing tastes sweeter than success, and when that is delivered to you in cheques, the taste is just irresistible! We follow the above statement beyond reasonable doubt, so we undertake to divulge the prize monies. The prize money (in `) for 1st KSOL PD 2012 will be as follows: 
1. Winning Team                                      1,00,000 
2. Runner – up Team                                    50,000
3. Semi – finalists (each team)                       12,000
4. Best Speaker                                           12,000 
5. Best Adjudicator                                       15,000 
6. Adjudicator ranked 2nd, 3rd & 4th              8,000 (each) 
7. Adjudicators ranked 5th, 6th & 7th              6,000 (each) 
8. Adjudicators ranked 8th, 9th & 10th           4,000 (each)

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