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Listing for Department of Mechanical Engineering

Name             Designation
DR. Rajat Kumar Bhoi     Professor
DR. Santosh Kumar Sar     Professor
Dr Jayadev Rana     Professor & Head
Dr. Jahar Lal Dwari     Reader
Mr. Shashi Bhusan Mohapatra     Reader
Dr. Pusparaj Dash     Reader
Dr. B.B. Pani         Reader
Dr. Prasant Nanda     Reader
Dr. Saroj Kumar Sarangi Reader
Mr. Aurovinda Mohanty     Reader
Mr. Prasanta Kumar Pradhan Lecturer

Listing for Department of Electrical Engineering

Name             Designation
Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Pati     Professor
Dr. Prakash Kumar Hota     Professor
Dr. Pawan Kumar Modi     Reader & Head
Dr. Rabindra Kumar Sahu     Reader
Mrs. Shanti Behera      Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Manish Tripathy     Lecturer
Mr. Basanta Kumar Rana     Lecturer
Mr. Ajit Barisal     Lecturer
Mrs Banaja Mohanty     Lecturer

Listing for Department of Electronics and Telecomm

Name             Designation
Dr. Uma Ranjan Jena     Reader
Dr. Rutuparna Panda     Professor
Dr. N.G.P.C Mahalik     Reader (on study leave)
Dr. Nrusingha Prasad Rath     Reader & Head
Mr. Manoranjan Pradhan     Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Debasis Mishra     Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Kabiraj Sethi     Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Sanjay Agrawal     Reader
Mr. B. B. Mangaraj     Lecturer

Listing for Department of Manufacturing Science

Name            Designation
Mrs. Sanjibani Pani     Lecturer
Sumanta Panda             Lecturer
Dr. Debadutta Mishra     Professor & Head

Listing for Department of Civil Engineering

Name            Designation
Dr. Amar Nath Nayak         Professor
Dr. Prakash Chandra Swain     Professor
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Das         Reader & Head
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pradhan     Reader
Dr.Chitta Ranjan Mohanty     Reader
Mrs. Sudhira Rath         Lecturer (Selection Grade)
Mr. Deba Prakash Satapathy     Lecturer
Mr. Jagdish Prasad Sahoo     Lecturer
Mr. Soubhagya Kumar Panigrahi     Lecturer

Listing for Department of Computer Science

Name                     Designation
Dr. C. R. Tripathy     Professor and Head
Mr. Rakesh Mohanty     Lecturer
Mr. Manas Ranjan Kabat     Sr. Lecturer
Mrs.Flora Nanda     Sr. Lecture(on Leave)
Mr. H.S.Behera             Sr. Lecturer

Listing for Department of Physics

Name                       Designation
Dr. Anjana Acharya       Lecturer
Dr. Akhyaya K. Pattanaik  Lecturer

Listing for Department of Chemistry

Name                     Designation
Dr. Pravin Kumar Kar     Reader & Head
Dr.Sukalyan Dash     Sr.Lecturer

Listing for Department of Humanities

Name            Designation
Dr. Sanjib Kumar Hota    Lecturer in Economics
Dr.A.Dash            Lecturer

Listing for Department of Mathematics

Name                     Designation
Dr. Anusaya Nath     Lecturer
Dr. Mahendra Jena     Lecturer
Dr. Upendra Kumar Tripathy Professor & Head
Dr.Radha Nath Rath     Professor

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